Light Projection Mural

The Alliance for the Arts is thrilled to announce the first phase of participating artists for its Light Projection Mural Rotating Exhibit.  As a newly developed installation space and concept, this project is an unconventional outdoor exhibition using projection artworks visible to pedestrian and vehicle traffic along McGregor Blvd.  Artists were asked to produce an 8.5x11in hand cut stencil depicting various themes such as messages of hope, beauty, the power of the arts in healing, healthcare workers, and community.  Each artist’s work will be projected for approximately one week from dusk until midnight.  This is a long term project that will continue for the next several months and may continue as a permanent fixture of the Alliance exhibition schedule. Projection of artwork will begin Monday, May 25.

The first phase of the project will feature the following artists; Pat Collins, Shirley Hales, Sharon Isern, Kelsey Lang, Carolyn Sommers, Alyssa Stoff, Africa Valdez, and Lorraine Weiss.

“It is our hope that by bringing messages of compassion, creativity, and hope that we may empower and uplift our community through the arts.” says Gallery Director, Ehren Gerhard.

While your in the neighborhood, take a drive through our parking lot to view our Pop-Up Artwork Installations!


Pat Collins, Heroes Behind the Mask, Spray Paint on Dura-Lar Acetate, 2020

Shirley Hales, Tree of Love, Cut Paper, 2020

Sharon Isern, Coronavirus Ninja, Cut Paper, 2020

Kelsey Lang, Breathing Life Into Our Estuaries, Cut Paper, 2020

Carolyn Sommers, Disconnected From Our Song, Cut Paper, 2020

Alyssa Stoff, Butterfly, Cut Paper, 2020

Africa Valdez, Light at the End of the Tunnel, Cut Paper, 2020

Lorraine Weiss, Thank You to Our Heroes, Cut Paper, 2020

Amanda Zirzow, Ligers, Cut Paper, 2020