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Organizational members of the Alliance are featured on our website and our in-person literature box to show how strong our community of Lee County continues to be.  Check out their websites below and help continue to make Southwest Florida the place for creatives.

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The “Must Read” monthly magazine specially written for collectors, galleries and painters of traditional art. Subscribe to American Art Collector Magazine!

  • Articles emphasize mainstream art by today’s favorite living artists.
  • See what galleries are showing nationwide each month.
  • Compare prices for work in upcoming shows in a specific art destination.
  • Find new artists to collect in a specific art destination.
  • Read what’s happening at the auctions.
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening in the market.
  • Follow up on sales in our “Sales Results” section.
  • Read regular monthly columns by industry experts … Appraisers, Art Dealers, Insurers and Collectors.

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“SWFL’s premier artist hangout, where art and food come together.” 

An eclectic breakfast and lunch menu along with pastries and specialty drinks including various coffees, Italian soda, and Kombucha.

Located at 10051 McGregor Blvd., Unit 101, Fort Myers, FL 33919

(239) 980-1394

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“Our names are Bre and PJ Barber. We love pottery and we love our community! Our goal is to use the space and tools we have to have a positive impact on the community around us through providing a therapeutic outlet and equipping the more vulnerable populations with a skill. As we grow, we know that this passion will only start taking a larger role in what we do!


Together, it is our pleasure to serve you and help equip you to do pottery in the studio or in your own home! Everything we do in the studio is done intentionally so that we can better partner with organizations that are already doing good in the community and serve them!”

Location: 2700 Parker Avenue. Fort Myers, FL 33905
(239) 688-4626


“Our goal is to provide a cohesive and pleasant atmosphere for our customers, while creating an attractive and beautiful showcase for every art piece in our inventory.”

Located in the Butterfly Estates at 1815-3 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901

(239) 590-8645

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“Looking at the adversities of the 2020 pandemic (Corona Virus / Covid-19), we started realizing in the early stages that it is doing no good to the poor sides of this world. We immediately gathered women from these communities around us and gave them work, employment, fair pay and a ray of hope in their eyes. We saw them making their favorite handmade jewelry designs, laughing around giggling which made our hearts melt. You must have heard somewhere that a smile can change someone’s world! Yeah! Well, their smiles changed our world, it inspired us to work harder and land at the doorsteps of handmade jewelry lovers in the world.”

(239) 850-6835

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“The Fort Myers Film Festival is an intelligent independent filmmaker’s preferred event to create, unite and showcase the finest artistic cinematic works. The Fort Myers Film Festival is known for world-class swagger and support of local filmmakers.”

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Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers

A “renowned choral organization with a reputation for musical excellence in Southwest Florida. Our 80+ voice ensemble strives to enrich our community by presenting outstanding choral music and cultivating opportunities for both young and old voices to make beautiful music together.”

Located at 6900 Daniels Pkwy, Suite 29-193, Fort Myers, FL 33912

(239) 288-2535

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“The Gulf Coast Writers Association provides a forum for fellowship, education and information among writers in the community. We promote writer welfare and spirit by encouraging members and others to pursue writing for pure joy or for compensation, whichever purpose better gratifies the individual.”


Located at P.O. Box 60771, Fort Myers, FL  33906


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“Logical Insurance Solutions USA, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality, affordable insurance to best suit your needs and budget. Whether it is Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, Short Term Disability Insurance, Long Term Care, Catastrophic Insurance Plans, Supplemental Insurance Plans or Medicare Insurance, let us do the research to find you dependable coverage for the best possible price.”

Located at 2161 McGregor Blvd., Suite C, Fort Myers, FL 33901

(239) 362-0855


The National Association of Women Artists was founded in 1889. It is the oldest professional women’s fine arts organization in the United States. It serves professional women artists of all backgrounds and traditions. It is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. The purpose of the National Association of Women Artists [NAWA] is to foster public awareness and interest in the visual arts created by women in the United States. It encourages contemporary and emerging artists while continuing to honor the long and important contribution of women to the history of American culture and art.”


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“In expanding upon the artist’s legacy, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation celebrates new and even untested ways of thinking and acting. The Foundation supports research, institutions, and artists that embody the same collaborative, inclusive, and multidisciplinary approach that Rauschenberg exemplified in both his art and philanthropic endeavors.” 

(239) 472-5445

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“Spirit of the Gulf is a loving sisterhood with utmost respect and acceptance for all. We are a diverse group. Whether it be differences in age, race, religion, economic background, educational background, or anything else – we come together to make music and joyfully practice inclusion and tolerance. Our corporate experience is to celebrate and love all of our sisters. Spirit is a place where racism and hate, judgment and prejudice will not be tolerated. It’s about harmony – and it’s what we do best, showing the rest of the world what loving one another looks like and feels like.

“Spirit of the Gulf is a membership organization of female singers who meets regularly to practice, perform, socialize, and have fun. We currently have 80+ singers of all ages, all walks of life, and all parts of Florida.”

(844) 704-SING (7464)

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“The mission of the society is to discover, collect and preserve original and source documents, maps and photographs pertaining to the history of SW Florida. To bring together those interested in the history of this area; to promote and stimulate public interest and appreciation of the history of this area; and to further the preservation and knowledge of Southwest Florida’s past.” 

Located at 10091-A McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33919

(239) 939-4044

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“The Heights Foundation works to build strong, self-sufficient families in the Harlem Heights neighborhood. Our mission is to: 

Support education and wellness, 

Promote family and community development, and 

Provide the benefits of enrichment and the arts.”

Located at 15570 Hagie Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33908

(239) 482-7706


“The McGregor Clinic is organized as a non-profit health care clinic designed to provide an integrated and holistic approach to patient and community care.” – McGregor Clinic, Inc.

Location: 3487 Broadway Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Phone: (239) 334-9555

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“At Zero Empty Spaces, we create affordable artist studios in vacant storefronts around the country where artists can create and collaborate at an affordable price and have the ability to be discovered and sell work at their studio. All with the goal of expanding the appreciation of various genres of visual art and helping to create a thriving cultural community in various cities across the world.”

Located at 13499 S Cleveland Ave, #181, Fort Myers, FL 33907

(844) 427-8788

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