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Welcome to our Member Artist Directory! As an organization aimed at unifying the arts in Lee County and beyond, we are dedicated to connecting area artists to patrons and opportunities. We frequently receive inquiries for artists for specific projects, commissions, and special events. Please join our Member Artist Directory service and help us better connect you to area patrons with a window into your work and practice. All you need to do is join the Alliance family!

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J Bedient Clay Studio • JoAnne Bedient FB/IG: @joannebedient

Primarily a ceramic artist, JoAnne Bedient has been working in clay for most of her life.. 

Common Room Clay • PJ & Breanna Barber

[email protected] FB/IG: @commonroomclay

A creative space and community for everyone offering pottery classes, open studio, and private parties.   Their goal is to use the space and tools we have to have a positive impact on the community around us through providing a therapeutic outlet and equipping the more vulnerable populations with a skill. 


Jill Keenly Flamingo Pottery


Jill is a small batch potter who creates modern functional pottery with island flair.

Robert Allen •
Unique settings from Florida and beyond are worked out on canvas to create vibrant views.


Vicki Baker •
I am both a painter and a printmaker. I especially enjoy female faces and women in hats.


Ricki Brandschain

She paints for the zen of it. 


Jerilyn Brown •

Her paintings celebrate coastal beauty and profound connections between nature, humanity, and spirit.



Carol Coates •
Carol’s intention is to find meaning that centers on our perceptions and choices.
Mixed media • Photography • Oil & Acrylic Painting



Nancy Cunningham  •
Acrylics • Drawing

Nancy’s artwork is inspired by the flora and fauna of SW FL, with larger than life images/vibrant colors.




Giampaolo Curreri  •
Acrylics • Drawing

Aesthetics in unique paintings of vivid acrylic color palettes for you to appreciate and value.




Lisa Freeman

Florals, landscape, still life, and portraits in oils and acrylics.



Janet George [email protected]

“Art is Life”



Elise Gold Sewall •

Instagram Facebook

As a contemporary realistic oil painter. her interests are color, translucency and reflection.



Priscilla Jeffcoat • Hirdie Girdie Art Gallery
Priscilla is always curious to see where her painting will take her.
Watercolor • Acrylic • Mixed Media



Dan Jensen • Dan Jensen’s Instagram

Studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Mexico, BFA from the University of Denver



Mary Klunk •
Works in traditional Old Masters style, specializing in Portraits, Still Life and local beach scenes.
Painting/Drawing • Pastels



Romas Kukalis • 


Romas is currently creating new art with mythological,

spiritual, and literary influences.


Amarelle Kukici

Her work often features native flora and fauna in dreamlike figurative compositions.



Zan Lombardo •
Best known for channeling nature into watercolors up to 30 feet in length.

Painting/Drawing • Watercolor



Pam Lowe Art • PLoweStudio
Pam finds joy in the fluidity of watercolor; also printmaking, collage and digital abstraction.
Mixed Media • Printmaking • Photographic Abstraction



Lorie Montano •
Painting and creating brings me so much joy.
Drawing • Painting



Tracy Owen- Cullimore • Artsytracy

Painting more than just a likeness by seeing with her heart. She tries to capture the spirit and soul.



Stacy Roush •  @StacyRoush

It’s her passion–converting whimsical ideas into eye-catching, stylized tropical art!



Ellen Sayet
“My figurative paintings are classic drawings with an inventive and creative side.”



Alicia Schmidt • Alicia Schmidt Gallery
“She interprets a subject by simplifying it to its essence.”



Charlotte Schlabach • 

Portraiture has a long history of generating connections with viewers, as if the portraits were real people. Charlotte’s work focuses on using portraiture as a way to break down barriers of social, economic, racial, and cultural divides by creating connections between these different classes.


Sheron Sherman

“Having renewed her passion for sketching and painting in retirement, watercolor is her primary medium.”



Pat St. Onge •

Pat is inspired by life, celebrating with color.



Dominick Tascher •

“Dominick is mostly an abstract intuitive painter working with acrylics, oils, cold wax, and mixed media.”



Lorraine Weiss •

Lorraine wants you to see the world through her eyes when you look at her paintings.  Drawing/Painting/Pastels



Carla Wormington • Carla Wormington Art
I am an abstract artist, capturing the vibrant colors and textures of life into my paintings.
Painting • Mixed Media

Amanda Zirzow •
Paintings inspired by nature, adventures, and my imagination infused with color.

Judith Ridings • Judy’s Instagram

Judy has been a basketmaker for 26+ years, delving into most forms of basketry.

Roseline Young • Rose Line Weaving Studio
 I am a Fiber Artist weaving, quilting – wall art, wearables, commissions, large community weavings.

Stacey Brown •

@staceybrownart on Facebook and instagram


Carolyn Gora  •  [email protected]
Embossed creations including handmade papers, watercolors, and stitchery


Pam Jones • Pamela Jones Art Studio
Unique assemblages made of found objects, inspired by ethnic and folkloric imagery and coulrophobia.


Rose Jung •
Art is a reflection of life. Reuse, recycle and repurposed are important components of my art.
Photography • Sculpture

Pam Lowe  @plowestudio

Pam focuses primarily on painting and printmaking. Intense saturated color is common to all of her prints and paintings. The joy is found in the freedom of playtime and discovery and the always unexpected result.  She is fond of saying that using “in-your-face” colors and graphics is what drives her to get into the studio each day.

Ryota Matsumoto •

Matsumoto is highly recognized as the godfather and iconic pioneer

of the postdigital art.

Debra Patterson • Take Heart Art
I am a Florida artist and I love the visuals that surround me in this most beautiful of places.
Mixed Media • Card Making

Tracy Pospeck •

“If my work has made a person smile and more importantly think, then I have achieved something great!”

Michelle Rothacker •
The purpose behind the artwork, cards and prints is to brighten your day… that’s it.
Cards • Prints

Janet Sams • JMSArt Studio

Janet works with broken repurposed glass to create coastal artwork filled with resin.

Mixed Media • Glass

Rita Schwab • Earth Elements
My new works are large, dynamic, free and swift. I have stepped beyond boundaries of representation.
Fresco Painting • Sculpture

Samantha Severson

I use recycled materials and found objects to create mixed media art.

Mixed Media • Found Object

Sheron Sherman

Drawing/Painting.  Having renewed her passion for sketching and painting in retirement, watercolor is her primary medium.


Nancy Terrell • Miss-Nancy’s Mixed Media Art
I enjoy composing collages – my MA is in Literature, so my collages are my way of composing a story.
Mixed Media • Collage


Beverly Yankwitt • Art By Bev Yankwitt
I am an abstract artist and art teacher working in the realm of non-objective art using mixed media.
Mixed Media • Encaustic


Roseline Young • Roseline Weaving Studio
I am an environmental activist believing Art CAN speak for social change and educational awareness.
Textiles • Silk Painting

Cynthia Barbanera-Wedel • Sleepy Seahorse Photography
Through the art of photography, I hope to capture the natural beauty of Florida and its wildlife.


Dennis Church • Dennis Church Photography
Documentary style: My goal is creating a lyrical “documents” of experienced actuality.

Cornelia DeDona Photography •

Cornelia’s photography focuses on nature.  She has lived in New York, Hawaii, and Florida.  

Sandra Ging •  [email protected] • Photography & Painting
I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 
My passion is sharing art and ideas from around the world.

Duncan Metts • Bald Man Photography

[email protected]

Photography, Video Production, Digital Marketing


Ginger Stein • Ginger K Stein Photography
Using the power of light to evoke emotion, delight, tell a story – and share my view of the world.
Digital Art Photography


Ron Tim

Professional photographer wandering through the creative side of photography and art.


Gman production • “Art for your Heart”

He applies his abstract vision to wood that has been cut or carved and sanded such as cedar, pine, mahogany, reclaimed wood, and even pressure-treated wood for outside display.


Mike Danley • Re-Psycho’d
I create whimsical creatures from found objects. Find me at Tower Gallery. I do commissioned work.
Sculpture • Found Objects

Petra Kaiser •

Kiln Formed Glass is fascinating and the possibilities are endless.

Michael Krakow • The Art of Michael Krakow

I am currently working on my “Tower Series”.



John Merchant • Images in Stone and Glass
I have been making art in Florida for many years and competing successfully.
Sculpture • Computer Painting


Gilberto Sanchez • Gilsart
For a small moment in time I like take people into the colors, shapes and emotions of my artworks.

Lori Ersolmaz • Lori H Ersolmaz
Poetic Films— Combining contemporary poems with moving images and sound.
Film  •  Mixed Media


Jan Malecha  •  Intermezzo Choir
Music is art, music is healing, music is life across the age continuum.
Music in Therapy


Janet Kamrad  •  Spirit of the Gulf Chorus
Changing Lives through Music through Community Performances.

Lori Ersolmaz • Lori H Ersolmaz
Poetic Films— Combining contemporary poems with moving images and sound.
Film  •  Mixed Media

Janet Kamrad  •  Spirit of the Gulf Chorus
Changing Lives through Music through Community Performances.

Jan Malecha  •  Intermezzo Choir
Music is art, music is healing, music is life across the age continuum.
Music in Therapy


Joyce Dinkins • Joyce Dinkins 



Nancy Petralia • Nancy Petralia

Her  colorful, light weight polymer jewelry: necklaces & earrings, are available in the Alliance shop.


Phyllis DeMarco

Phyllis is published writer in several genres and writes a blog that she hopes you’ll visit at