Creativity Crate

In April 2020, we asked you to join our Creativity Crate community, an automatic email celebrating creativity and generosity: from unique, imaginative prompts to behind the scenes highlights into your favorite teaching artists studios, curated fun stuff, journeys of our very own staffers and so much more.

And thanks to your support and the overwhelming response of encouragement, love and art, we promise to keep the creativity flowing. We will continue Creativity Crate, but on a weekly basis with a crate delivered on Friday mornings.

So let’s wake up together. Everyone is welcome. Join our Creativity Crate community, connect to the arts, to each other and get inspired. (PS…It’s free.)

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  • Fruits of your labor

    Although you may not have an absolute favorite, answer the following questions spontaneously. The best answer will be the first thought that comes to mind! This section is optional.