My background is in Fashion Design. I’m a Parsons School of Design Fashion Major Graduate. I interned in Children’s Wear as a result of being one of the J C Penney children’s wear winners, where my design was manufactured in their stores. My fashion design mentor at Parsons was Oscar de la Renta as well as Kate Unger. They helped me lead my path to my career in Fashion Design. For the next 35 years I worked for various upscale fashion houses in Men’s and Ladies apparel, accessories and hosiery. Some of these design houses were-Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne, Evan Picone, Robert Stock, Burberry, YSL, Ann Taylor to name a few. Today I continue designing apparel but, for myself and my Fashion First Workshops business. I share my knowledge and skills of patternmaking, draping and sewing with my students. My vision is to inspire students to follow their passion for fashion. We teach fashion figure sketching, Patternmaking, draping and sewing. This program is a great creative outlet for all.

Cara Coble, MSOP is a coach and mentor educator with over a decade of experience in English and Psychology writing and research. She began her career in public relations fashion
journalism in New York City, and transitioned into education to instill a love of writing in her students. Cara is passionate about breaking down the barriers of writing by making it accessible
to anyone through different mediums and writing strategies. Cara lives in Fort Myers with her daughter, Brooklyn, and her long-haired chihuahua, Kiedis, and her calico cat, Lily.

Corazon Bryant has always been a devotee of art. From her early years, she honed her skills as a traditional artist, sketching and sculpting primarily characters. Even during her school days, students willingly surrendered their lunch money for a portrait of Brad Pitt made by her hand! As fate would have it, Corazon‘s path diverged into the world of 3D Art Design during her college years. Today, she stands as a guardian of our country, using the power of 3D Art and Animation in the service of the government. With a wealth of experience, her profound purpose lies in sharing her knowledge and nurturing the creative aspirations of those venturing into the world of 3D.

El Levy is an FGCU student working towards a career in art education. Raised in Southwest Florida, El has always had an affinity for the arts– participating in creative extracurriculars from the moment she began kindergarten. From painting to performing, El has dipped her toe into every area of art imaginable! She’s heavily inspired the world around her, as well as the opportunity to share the love and thrill that comes with tapping into pure creativity. She’s overjoyed to be working with the Alliance for the Arts, and can’t wait to provide a warm, safe space for her students to thrive!