1882 to present:  Taught international corporations, workshops, classes and individuals the following courses: English as a Second Language, Business English, Business Law, Court Reporting,  Affinity Programs.  Taught finger painting and Zentengle to children 5 to 11.

During this time I also taught preparation of resumes to those re-entering the workforce after prison, divorce, veterans, and widows and widower.  Companies I worked for:  Albanese Reporting,  Amex International,  Mastercard International,  Costco, Meridian One Corporation,  Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School-  two-year Associates degree program.  Most of the positions held were that of Director of Sales, as well as, teaching our programs.  At Katharine Gibbs I began as the Director of Education, then the Director of the school.

As a relaxation technique,  I started taking watercolor art classes 35 years ago, and while living and teaching in Italy, I continued taking classes in Florence.  Five years ago, I  found the Alliance for the Arts, and an amazing  teacher: Terry Lynn Spry, who taught me oil and acrylic painting.  At the same time I began volunteering. I am an avid devotee of the Alliance.