Sonya McCarter

Science Fiction enthusiast, teacher, actress, singer and lover of all things Theatre, Sonya’s interest in the performing arts began with her 8th grade Drama class. Her interest soon became an obsession when she starred as Dr. Van Helsing in her high school production of Dracula. Since then, she has incorporated her love of theatre in as many areas of her life as possible.  As an English teacher at a private school, she instituted a Drama and Speech program; she has produced and directed original plays for her church and community; and pursued her passion of acting in television, film and the local stage. Sonya connected with the Alliance in 2012, performing as the Lady Orange in For Colored Girls and later continued her involvement as Director of several shows. Her heart’s passion is to help facilitate engaging, compelling and meaningful theatre in Ft. Myers that acknowledges and celebrates our cultural differences while exploring the universal ties that bind us all together.