Roy Rodriguez

As a fine art photographer, I am always interested in the process of discovery, of finding a potential image with the power to hold my attention.  One may say this involves providence or coincidence, both passive actions.  However, I include another element, the action of “seeing”, which is active and receptive.

I speak of being present in the moment of taking the photograph, of being open to the subject as I let it reveal what else there is beyond my usual awareness. This allows for an intimate association with my subject.

The painter skillfully fabricates the image on canvas.  I recognize and capture impressions by being open to that action of seeing.  This is my technique.  My aim is to approach my subjects with that sense of intimacy that allows a connection to “see” artistically beyond the ordinary. In that state, I may find wonder, beauty and mystery to be shared.

My medium is presence, light, color and forms, which I skillfully employ to express my discoveries.   If you see some of what I saw, and feel some of what I felt during the time of exposure, then I succeeded and the circle is complete.