Ravah Daley

Ravah began her dance career as a classical ballerina in Los Angeles, California. By the age of sixteen, she was working on television as a professional jazz dancer and singer, with ballet as her foundation. She regularly appeared on variety shows including The Carol Burnett Show, Sonny & Cher, The Osmonds, etc. She also performed on several television specials including, Ann Margaret, Goldie Hawn, Liza Minnelli, John Denver, etc. Highlights of Ravah’s career include partnering Mikhail Baryshnikov in two television specials and singing and dancing as a member of Tina Turner’s act, all over the world for several years. Choreographers Ravah worked for consistently included, Edward Villella (her first Broadway show) Ron Fields, Michael Peters, Lester Wilson and Joe Bennett, just to name a few. She also performed in several Broadway shows including Pal Joey (as lead dancer) and partnered the choreographer on a Chuck Mangione concert
tour. Ravah is currently the Associate Producer of two musicals coming to Broadway. She has also taught Luigi style jazz dance in Bergen County, NJ and in New York City. She currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida and continues to teach dance.