Niki Greer

Guest Services Coordinator

[email protected]

Born and raised in Southern California, Niki Greer made her way to the Alliance with a background in recreational programming and events. She graduated from FGCU in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Resort and Hospitality Management. Afterwards, she got to know Downtown Fort Myers while completing an internship with ArtFest Fort Myers and decided she wanted to become a permanent SWFL resident and contribute to the growth of the arts community. Her passions include travel, interpersonal communication, and social and cultural outreach and exploration. She believes she has such a fondness for different cultures because she grew up with foreign exchange students, and was fortunate enough to be one herself in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago de Chile. In her free time, she loves to pick a random activity, place, restaurant, or event and go on a new adventure!