Mariana Jordan-Moril

My name is Mariana Jordan-Moril,  my dance journey, I’ve also had other hobbies that contributed to my journey such as gymnastics, cheerleading, Track, Soccer, Ballet with and without pointe shoes, Modern Contemporary and also musical theatre dance. I’ve done gymnastics since I was 3 up until today. I will always continue to strive to be more and more flexible as I continue to grow in my dance career. I’ve also done cheerleading, track, and soccer for all about 5 and half years until I came across Ballet and Modern Contemporary and fell in love. So far, I have been training in Ballet and Modern Contemporary for 6 years now and ever since I’ve graduated Lehigh senior highschool, I have been sharing my knowledge and growth with the new and upcoming generation at the Alliance for the Arts, Mermaid Tails Dance Company in Marco Island, and also spreading the love and passion for dance to my little sister. I’ve come to a point in my career where I feel the younger generation needs to have the same opportunities that I have been granted throughout my journey, and this is why I’m here today to continue to spread the knowledge, love and energy wherever I go and teach.