Lillian Coury

“The world is filled with images of light, color, contrast and possibility…

I love to capture a moment and interpret it.”

At long last I am indulging in a passion that I kept at bay for years, while I perfected my role as business professional (founded and ran two businesses in New York City and Phoenix, AZ).  I’ve always contributed my time, volunteering in those metro areas and now in SWFL.

My creative juices are flowing – literally! – with pastel and acrylic.  I’m having so much fun! Inspired by life energy, nature, myth and symbology, my impressions are filled with luminosity and essence.   Commissioned art enhances interiors with interplay of subject matter, spatial area, colorations and mood.  I’m so grateful that my imagination is soaring and I’m playing with artistic intuition.

American Impressionist Artist (Pastels, Acrylics)