Kevin Tobin

Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Filmmaker, Peace Activist, Designer of furniture, interiors, landscapes and now add instructor for Golden Artist Colors to the list. K.D. looks forward to bringing his enthusiasm for all things creative to this latest adventure. Born in Connecticut and painting for more than thirty years in acrylics and mixed media, he has spent ten years painting and exhibiting in the Los Angeles area before relocating to Sarasota, Florida. He has spent time painting in Paris, France and the Tuscany region of Italy. K.D. works snippets of newspaper text and headlines from around the world into each painting. These pieces of newsprint act as time-coding elements to root the individual piece to the period in which it was created, and while subtle, this process also helps contribute to the rich surface texture imparted upon every work. Vivid colors and primitive forms spread across often outsized canvases, are hallmarks of his work.

His work hangs in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe. He is currently represented by Art Dimensions, Inc. in Los Angeles, and in Europe by Paul Arellano of International Artists’ Agency, Munich.


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