Julie Tibus

A Bachelor of Fine Arts from The College for Creative Studies (CCS), Julie Tibus has been professionally selling and showing her work for over 15 years and spent several years teaching at her own studios in Ann Arbor and Brighton, Michigan. Recently her desire for freedom has led to a life full-time on the road. Selling everything and traveling the USA, teaching and showing her art.. Julie has an insatiable
curiosity that leads her to explore emerging mediums and discover new techniques. Her work draws from an intersection of nature and her own bold expression of color. Teaching is how she shares her love of art with others.

My art is centered on the exploration of natural form and an uninhibited freedom to play. I begin with a loose thought (floral, landscape, color, pattern, shape) then move through the composition with an internal desire to free myself from laboring and instead lose myself completely to the process. I believe we all are creative and through art we can learn how to overcome the fear of comparison, the unknown, and expectations we impose on ourselves. My work is for the viewer to experience, contemplate and enjoy.