Jordan Jameson

Director of Operations

[email protected]

Jordan Albright Jameson is obsessed with the transferable skills the arts give people of all ages and loves encouraging others to pursue their passions. Her enthusiasm for the arts was fostered at a young age, growing up dancing in Fort Myers and participating in dance and art programs at Cypress Lake Middle and High School. At the University of Florida she discovered dance photography then arts administration, which ultimately led her to the Alliance for the Arts. Outside of the Alliance, Jordan is a photographer, published journalist, wife and mom who loves going on adventures!

A bit of a degree hoarder, she has two degrees, a B.A. in Dance and B.S. in Photojournalism, and three minors, business administration, entrepreneurship and theatre from the University of Florida as well as a Master’s in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management from Colorado State University. Prior to joining the Alliance for the Arts she worked for Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, Tower Publications, the College of the Arts at the University of Florida, and Colorado State University.