Jonathan L. Romine, RLA, CLARB

Jonathan is the Program Director for the Southwest Florida Community Sourced Incubator (CSI). He supports new businesses and grow existing ones to make SWFL a better place to live and work while  building an economy where everyone succeeds.

Jonathan has spent the past decade in Southwest Florida starting, growing, and managing small businesses that generate more than $14M in revenue. He has an affinity for measuring results yet has a major soft spot for people. Jonathan sees each day as an opportunity to help someone succeed or empower a whole community of “someones” to make a better future. He has led corporate social responsibility efforts while having wide range of board and advisory positions spanning non-profit, public, political, and philanthropic sectors.

When not engaged in the community, Jonathan enjoys exploring and traveling to new places with his wife and daughter. He dreams of being an emoji designer for Apple one day and is passionate about GIFs.