Emily Radomski

Gallery Manager

[email protected]

Emily Radomski is a burgeoning gallery professional and recent transplant to the Southwest Florida area. She earned her B. A. from the University of Florida in 2016 with a major in Classical Studies. She then attended the University College London in England and earned her M. A. in Museum studies in 2017. After returning stateside, Emily worked for two years at a gallery in Northwest Florida as Exhibitions Coordinator.

While studying the history of museums at UCL, Emily became passionate about correcting the historically exclusionary practices of art institutions and wants to do her part to create exhibitions at the Alliance that are as vibrant and diverse as the local Fort Myers community itself. She believes in the power of art to challenge beliefs and open minds and she is excited to use her new position at the Alliance to elevate and amplify the work of artists that have been historically underrepresented in galleries and to help the local community engage critically with art.