Ella Ellis

Ella Ellis is an accomplished instructor of YOGA, YOGA NIDRA and GYROKINESIS.  She is certified by Amrit Yoga and International Gyrokinesis organization.  Ella has extensive teaching experience successfully guiding people to healthier lifestyles – accommodating both a wide range of age and varied levels of physical challenges and capability.

Ella has practiced the art of movement and Pranaymas – breathing exercises for over 10 years. She has been an instructor at Lee Health Wellness Center, Warm Mineral Springs and golf course communities where she’s been greatly appreciated by their patrons.

Ella believes in a healthy life style which includes fitness and meditation as and an integral part.  She has helped many people start believing in their own intuition and abilities to help themselves to regain health and a zest for life.  She inspires people to live a healthy life style, to be positive and joyful.

“I love what I do and the rewards are tremendous. Knowing how many people I have assisted
in their journey to recuperate health and wellness gives me meaning and inspiration every day of my life.
I hear their words of appreciation and thanks all the time. It truly makes me happy. “