Carla Hyde

Carla Hyde is a certified and insured yoga and meditation teacher and the founder of Flying Heart Yoga. With over 25 years of experience, she has taught yoga, meditation, group fitness, and personal training in Ft. Myers, Florida.


Carla’s inclusive and nonjudgmental approach to yoga is inspired by BKS Iyengar’s teachings, which emphasize alignment-based practice. Her Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist studies under several Tibetan yoga masters have guided her in teaching mindfulness meditation techniques, karma yoga, mantra, and yogic philosophy to her students.


Since the age of 16, Carla has been involved in fitness and group exercise, and she always sought physical training as a means of physical release, conditioning, and self-expression. As her love for physical fitness grew, she explored circus training and aerial arts, including flying trapeze, trampoline, and everything aerial. She underwent rigorous training to become an elite athlete on trapeze, performing for and delighting audiences for three decades. Carla also produced her circuses in Ft. Myers, Florida, including several right here at the Alliance for the Arts. However, yoga became her favorite tool for healing her body from constant training and teaching. She soon realized that yoga does not only heal the body but can also be life-transforming for regular practitioners.