Amy Genzlinger

I am a professional artist, interior designer, speaker, and trainer. I have been working with people for over 20 years, helping them to create environments where they feel peaceful, joyful, and inspired. Art Parties are the perfect way to unite my love of art with my passion to train and teach others.

After having open heart surgery in Feb. of 2015, I woke to discover my vocal cord had been paralyzed during the surgery and I couldn’t talk. Needing open heart surgery was a shock, but losing my voice on top of that was completely devastating. I spent a year recovering from the surgery, and coping with my loss of verbal communication. Among many other things, I could no longer socialize with friends, go out to
restaurants, make phone calls, or perform critical job duties. I felt utterly disheartened and depressed.

My only comfort was sitting at my desk and doing collage art. I was able to use colors, pictures, words, and sayings to express myself. Something magical happened whenever I put together a collage. I was able to express my hurt, pain, and frustration, as well as my courage, hope, and faith. When I felt weak and helpless, I used strong and powerful images in my collages. When I felt angry and resentful, I used words and pictures representing forgiveness and gentleness. Collage art allowed me to communicate in a new and powerful way. My collages helped me refocus my purpose and appreciate my life again!

After a year of whispering, I found a doctor who was able to surgically give me my voice back. It was such an incredible experience to have my voice returned! I am truly grateful to be able to talk again, but I can’t help but be thankful for the experience. Without that challenge, I would have never realized the power and healing that comes from communicating with art.

I created Art from the Heart because I believe in the power of creativity. I want to give people to opportunity to practice another form of communication and expression. Participants can make their collage as simple or intricate as they want. There is no judgement and no comparisons. Each project is completely individual and unique. Whether you’re a professional artist, a crafter, or a novice, you are totally welcome. Come and discover what your heart needs to say!