Alexis Lago

Alexis Lago, illustrator and painter was born in Havana, Cuba
Having a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Havana, he decided that his ultimate passion was art, graduating in 1993 from the prestigious San Alejandro Art School in Havana.
In his visual expression, the artist has a preference for the watercolor technique, which he combines with collage, paper cut and other techniques.
Lago taught as an art professor for several years at the José Antonio Díaz Experimental Center for Visual Arts in Havana, an experience that led him to create his own Creativity Workshop for young people and adults that he later taught successfully in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
As a visual artist he has developed an artistic proposal based on the investigation into the fantastic and the legendary and their links with spiritual or transcendent knowledge. His work has been exhibited in personal and group exhibitions in Latin America, Europe and the US and is found in several private and corporative collections.