Ron Timm Ph.D. has a degree in Professional Photography and has been a professional photographer for over 35 years, is a international photography judge, past president of the Digital Photographic Society, past president of the Twin Cities Camera Council and past director of the Camera Council Photography Judge Training School. He is a photography instructor in the college and community education arenas and the winner of many photography awards.

A little about me- Most importantly I am a wife and mother. Something I truly found meaning in life through creating my small family. For the past 16+ years I have been working in the product design + Product development world. I have had the pleasure to work with some of the
top global retailers. I designed products for brands such as Martha Stewart, JoAnns, Michaels, Target, Paper Source, Walmart, Eddie Bauer and many more. I have traveled for both business and pleasure throughout Asia, Europe, and through Central and South America collecting
inspiration and culture along the way. I have a deep love for the ocean. When I touched my toes to Sanibel’s soft powdery sand, I was in love. The shoreline filled with the most beautiful seashells stole my heart. My family and I spend long hours shelling for treasures along the
shorelines. Treasures you will use to finish your Mermaid’s Wish keepsakes. I look forward to our class together, and sharing bit more about these beautiful and one of a kind Mermaid’s Wishes.

Johnny is an experienced AI art teacher with a profound passion for integrating technology and creativity. With 25 years of experience in both art and technology, Johnny has cultivated a unique skill set that bridges traditional artistic practices with cutting-edge AI technologies.

Beginning their journey with Stable Diffusion in Python code, Johnny has since become adept in using various AI art tools, with a current focus on MidJourney. Their extensive background includes not only digital art but also painting, drawing, and writing, reflecting a lifelong dedication to the arts. Additionally, Johnny has played guitar since the age of 13, showcasing a broad artistic range.

A lifelong coder, Johnny attended a trade school for software engineering, solidifying a strong technical foundation that complements their artistic pursuits. This blend of skills underscores their belief in the transformative power of AI technology. They are passionate about how AI can empower individuals to bring their creative visions to life without the need for traditional skills.

Johnny is committed to teaching others how to harness the potential of AI art, fostering an environment where imagination and technology converge to unlock limitless creative possibilities.

From my early days as a potter in Upstate New York to today, creativity has always played a pivotal role in my personal and business pursuits. After a successful 30 year career in both Landscape Design and Interior Decorating, I began my journey into the fluid arts as a way of releasing my creative juices.

Having studied many contemporary artists, I started developing my own style of “less is more” using a combination of existing and personally developed techniques. From “The No Bra Zone” (a euphemism for the free flow of design, color, and shape), I began teaching and sharing my techniques with those that desire to similarly release their own creative spirit. I am so honored to share in your journey.

I can’t wait to paint with you!