Modern Atelier: The Methods of Today’s Training Exhibit Opens September 5

MAPromoBannerOn Friday, September 5 an exhibit opens at the Alliance for the Arts called “Modern Atelier: The Methods of Today’s Training.” The Modern Atelier (French for “school” or “workshop”) is an educational practice that attempts to revitalize some of the theories and methodologies of the European ateliers of the 18th and 19th century whose primary aesthetic was the pursuit of beauty through truthful depiction. This show is meant to be an exposition of one incarnation of the Modern Atelier and its students.

The show features work by six artists who are all alumni from the Grand Central Atelier in New York City, Carol Broman (FL), Todd Casey (MA), Carla Crawford (NY), Angela Cunningham (NC) Danny Grant (TX) and Gregory Mortenson (NY). The individual works included in the exhibit, many available for purchase, include preliminary drawings, color studies, transfer drawings and both monochromatic (grisaille) and color paintings that illustrate elements of the modern atelier methodology. This show is an opportunity to see the process of Atelier training in the masterful work of professional artists who have successfully applied their discipline to find beauty in the contemplation of their subjects.

The opening reception is Friday, September 5 from 5-7PM. It’s free and open to the public. Artist Carol Broman will hold a Gallery Walk & Demo at 10AM on Saturday, September 6. Tracy Owen Cullimore is in the Member Gallery during the Modern Atelier exhibit, and Martin Freling is in the Theatre Lobby.

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