GreenMarket Presents Free Backyard Farming Workshops every Saturday Morning in June & July

The Alliance for the Arts GreenMarket will host free backyard farming workshops every Saturday morning in June and July at 10:30 a.m. Workshops will cover topics about food security, backyard vegetable gardening, beekeeping, raising livestock for eggs and meat, permaculture, brewing and distilling and food preservation.

This year’s workshop series is titled “When the Shelves Go Bare” and deals with increased concerns about a potential future shortage.

“Just as we pay insurance for our cars, but don’t expect to be in an accident, we should know the basics of growing our own food as insurance against potential disruptions that may or may not come,” says organic farmer and GreenMarket Manager Santiago De Choch.

Inspired by growing up in civil unrest in South America, De Choch experienced his share of bare shelves. Later, he traveled and lived in areas that went through different events affecting the food security of the population, including Eastern Europe in the years following the collapse of the Berlin wall, Latin America and the Middle East.

Although workshops are free, small donations are welcomed. The Alliance for the Arts GreenMarket strives to support local growers, bakers and artisans. Local growers currently at the market include SOL Urban Farm, Green Paradise Eco Farm, Brittain Farms, Pine Manor Community Garden and The Unruly Gardener.

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