February 2020 Member Spotlight: Jessi Dilich

Our Member Jessi Dilich first took a flower arranging workshop with the Alliance in the 1980s. She hasn’t stopped learning through our classes ever since.

How did you become involved with the Alliance?
I first took “flower arranging” classes in 1985 or 86’ where I met Nina Conner, an art instructor at the Alliance. I told her that I went to the Art Institute in Chicago and she talked me in to taking a “Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain” class. That was it! I soon became a regular in Nina’s painting classes at the old farm house on Thursdays. I’ve been painting at the Alliance every Tuesday since then.

What is your favorite part about being an Alliance member?
I enjoy painting at the Alliance. The teachers are all great; the staff friendly and helpful. I keep in touch with all the art shows that are going on.

Which author, playwright or artist has influenced you the most?
My favorite artist is Toulouse Lautrec. I even did a painting collage of Toulouse that was auctioned off at one of the “Arts for Act” auctions.

Why are the arts important to you?
The arts have always been important to me. It’s what I do. I enjoyed flower arranging. I made ceramics for 10-15 years. Art is just me. Some people are bankers. I tried working in banks and decided I was a better artist than a banker.

Where was the most beautiful thing you ever painted?
One of my most beautiful paintings (I think) is the one of 2 stuffed squirrels fully clothed in a tree. I bought them in England. Although, I have painted other animals and flowers I think of as beautiful too.

What would the title of your memoir be?
I Love to Paint!

What inspires you?
Going out with my camera when the sun is going down and taking good pictures of the lights and shadows.

What would you say to encourage others to get connected with the Alliance?
Come take classes. You might find something you love to do. You may be very good at it and meet others with the same interests. Also, I highly recommend the shows here.

Alliance Favorites-Fill in the Blanks!

“The play’s the thing” and my favorite Alliance play production is:
• The Mountaintop
“If you want to buy me a gift, choose work from this local Alliance member artist”
• Terry Lynn Spry

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