Art Lives Here

Art lives here.

Local artists in Lee County are making our community a better place by elevating the caliber of originality, talent and culture that exists here. Help us create more art for more people by submitting your work to be displayed on billboards throughout southwest Florida, transforming advertising space into public art for and by our talented local artists!

We want to bring YOUR art outside the traditional context of museum and gallery walls. All artists residing in Lee County are encouraged to submit.

The deadline for submission was March 13, 2020. Notification of acceptance or rejection is March 27, 2020.

Art Lives Here is made possible by Alliance season sponsor Carter Outdoor.

2019 Art Lives Here Artists and Artworks

Congratulations to 2019 exhibiting local artists David Acevedo, Marne Adler, Pat Collins, Vicki Baker, Cheryl Fausel, Leo Johnson, Charlotte McClatchey, Richard Stanton and Toni Ferrell Sutton!

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Neighboring Towns by David Acevedo

Neighboring Towns by David Acevedo
Acrylics and spray paint on canvas

“This painting represents various things to me. First, the memories of the town where I grew up where blue skies were bright, roosters roamed around and the neighbors all knew each other. It also represents the sense of community and togetherness I strive for in my city. I am trying to portray a little sense of togetherness with this piece.”

Night Player by Marne Adler

Night Player by Marne Adler
Multimedia on canvas

We are the music makers is an ode by the British poet Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy. O’Shaughnessy was deeply influenced by French poetry and by the Pre-Raphaelite group. This poem, and my piece, is a tribute to all creative artists in the world.”

Image Blocks 2 by Pat Collins

Image Blocks 2 by Pat Collins
Digital Arrangement

“I make art using stencils, cut-outs, rubber stamps and more from my expansive collection of imagery inspired by past and present cultural and mythological iconography. Taking elements from my mixed media works, I digitally combine and recombine. It’s like rearranging blocks, experimenting with juxtapositions and color for different effect or interpretation.”

Dressed in Color by Vicki Baker

Dressed in Color by Vicki Baker

“Last winter, I was reading an article in a magazine about women in Kenya. There was a photograph of two women dressed in colorful clothing and cloth headdresses. Both of them were wearing many layered beaded necklaces. That image sparked my imagination for a series of 6 paintings of women wearing multi-layered beaded necklaces and dressed in colorful garments. “

Reflections of Zurich II by Cheryl Fausel

Reflections of Zurich II by Cheryl Fausel

“The painting Reflections of Zurich II is a painting based on a photo reference I took in Zurich, Switzerland. The girl in the painting was an advertisement in a bank window, with the buildings in the background reflected. The image is an excerpt from a painting by the Swiss Artist: Albert Anker.”

Apple of My Eye by Leo Johnson

Apple of My Eye by Leo Johnson

“My paintings are based on people and their interactions with each other through smiles, glances and words. I feel people are the new landscape.”

The Collection by Charlotte McClatchey

The Collection by Charlotte McClatchey

“For me, arranging a still life provides inspiration. The joy comes through the process of expressing the beauty of the forms on canvas.”

Beachwalk by Richard Stanton

Beachwalk by Richard Stanton
Acrylic on Canvas

“This painting is part of my Florida Landscape Series that explores a different perspective on the character of intra-coastal beaches. The series is necessarily based on invention as well as observation.”

Florida Wildflower: Varnish Leaf by Toni Ferrell Sutton

Florida Wildflower: Varnish Leaf by Toni Ferrell Sutton
Mixed Media

“For me, there is no better muse than the wildness of nature. The infinite aspects, simultaneously vast and microscopic, provide challenge enough for a satisfying experience.”