We Contain Multitudes: Deb Zwetsch and Zan Lombardo

  • This event has passed.

DateFebruary 2 - February 24

Location 10091 McGregor Blvd
FORT MYERS, FL 33919 United States



Event details

Join Zan Lombardo and Deb Zewtsch on February 24 as they guide students through a group participation mural drawn on a eight foot piece of paper.

Each of the participants will draw simple shapes and designs, with markers, and move around the table as they continue following simple suggestions such as: repeat the shape, draw a shape within a shape, etc. The process will evolve into a unified drawn mural which can be cut up and each participant can take a piece of the communal drawing home.

This workshop is free, but spots are limited. RSVP by clicking the link above.


In the Theatre Lobby Gallery: John Rizza

Now that John has devoted his time to creating art, he is committed to exploring it fully. At times he has as many as 6-10 works in progress, all in different phases of creation. His style can be described as “post impressionistic” with a blend of “fauvism”, especially with its emphasis on form and color. Composition, palette selection and expressing movement with loose brush stroked and palette applications are some of the main factors in his creation process. Exploring the unique possibilities of using different “limited palette” techniques has opened his eyes to the complexity of a harmonious piece of art.

In the Member Gallery: Students of Terry Lynn Spry