DateJanuary 5, 2024 - January 27, 2024

Location 10091 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33919 United States


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Opening Reception: January 5, 5-7pm • See it first. See it free. This event is open to the public. Come meet your neighbors at this free event!

Kim McAninch (b. 1964 Lakewood, Ohio) is a Sarasota FL based painter. She earned a B.F.A. in Surface Pattern Design from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1982. Her 20-year career as a wallpaper, fabric and interior designer, has laid the groundwork for her unique painterly style.

Her process begins as pure fiction, allowing limitless possibilities. Fueled by wonder and curiosity of what may emerge, she employs multiple tools and media. It is through this process that she extracts order, creating the exact balance between figuration and abstraction. Without a premeditated outcome, the compositions naturally emerge. She seeks harmony of color, rhythm, depth and energy, and most important to her goal, offering a visual invitation to enter. Each painting is an opportunity to be immersed in a personal moment. The color, and energetic and gestural markings intentionally offer more information with less detail, leaving just enough space in which a viewer may wander.

IT MAKES ME WONDER will include paintings from each of her series, on which she has simultaneously worked for the past 14 years. Her work conveys a positive world. Kim wonders what personal experience the viewer will add to each painting.

Kim is an award-winning member of the National Association of Women Artists. Previous solo exhibitions include The Westmoreland Museum of American Art and in June 2023, her work was again awarded in One Art Space in NYC. Her artwork is in select galleries and is collected worldwide. Learn more about the artist at

In the Theatre Lobby Gallery: Everyday by Anna Fischler

Everyday visually attests to a practice of persistent presence—of consistently taking the time to find something worth caring about. It is a compilation of moments discovered by slowing down to investigate the magic in the mundane.

On January 1st , 2023, I challenged myself to create a single drawing from life, each day of the year, using the same pocket-sized dimensions and the same four markers: magenta, yellow, blue, and dark grey.

The key to Everyday is that each subject is based in reality—a tangible and fleeting observation. Whether I wanted to or not, I had to find something nearby that could be transformed into a pleasing composition, and devote my time to taking it in, exploring each shift in shape, value, and hue. This endeavor served to catalog my daily life, encapsulating what was different or new about each day, no matter how seemingly insignificant. As a college student, whose life is uprooted and rearranged at the will of the academic calendar, the objects and spaces that were commonplace to me in March were gone from my life by October, only kept alive by my colorful, cross-hatched records of the everyday.

This exhibition holds a year’s worth of experiences in small glass frames, and my hope is that visitors will walk away with a new appreciation for tiny, beautiful moments, feeling inspired to dive into their own daily practice, art-related or not.

More information about my work and process is available on my website at and on my Instagram at

In the Member Gallery: Keith Chamberlain and Pat St. Onge

About Keith: Armed with a degree in Physics, Keith held a number of Sr. Management positions during his 50 year career in the aerospace Investment Casting industry. Keith and his wife Hennie followed his career with moves to NJ, OH, MI, NH, PA and Southern CA. Home remodeling and woodworking were the primary source of relaxation. The final move was to Florida in 2012 when he started a consulting business. With the COVID lockdown restricting business travel, there was plenty time available to explore other interests. With a love of science, manufacturing and design, painting became a natural outlet. With no formal training, Keith found plenty of guidance and inspiration in books, magazines and museum visits, along with lots of practice.