Confessions of a Cuban Artist: Ciro Quintana

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DateNovember 8, 2019 - November 30, 2019

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Step into a world like no other where real and surreal blend into imaginative and colorful collages that both parody and realistically combine comic strips, art history, pulp art, scenes from old movies and icons from pop culture.

Exhibits: November 8 – 30, 2019
Closing reception: November 30, 2019 • 10 a.m.
Join Ciro Quintana in the gallery for a conversational tour of his artwork. Complimentary coffee and pastries will be provided.
In the Member Gallery: Michele DiRocco

About the Ciro Quintana

Born in Havana and a resident of Miami, Quintana is considered one of the most iconic Cuban artists of the 80’s generation referred to as the Cuban Renaissance or New Cuban Art. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Cuba, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic , Peru, Venezuela, Switzerland, France, Germany and Russia among other countries and his work is part of major collections including the National Museum of Fine Art (Havana), Pori Taiden Museum (Finland) , Lowe Art Museum (Miami), Museum of Modern Art (Santo Domingo), Nina Menocal Collection(Mexico),  Ludwig Forum for International  Art (Germany).

About Michele DiRocco

Michele DiRocco simply loves everything about art. Slinging paint on a canvas, designing websites, digital content, capturing moments in time, collecting art, and permanently wearing it fill her heart and make her happy. As an abstract fluid artist, she works mainly on canvas with acrylic and resin.

Her paintings are playful, energetic and layered. She contrasts pop art pastels, polka dots, drips and glitter against rich blacks and aggressive mark making to reveal an ultimate balance and control of contained chaos.

Featured artwork:The Rapture of my garden by Ciro Quintana Oil on canvas, 2017, 78 x 56 inch

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