ArtPlay: A Variety of Arts for All Ages

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DateMay 4, 2023 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Time04:30 pm - 06:00 pm

Location 10091 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33919 United States

Member's Price $50

Non-Member's Price $60



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In 2023, the Alliance for the Arts significantly expanded the scope of its ArtPlay program, which was originally created to serve children on the Autism Spectrum. Building on a foundation laid six years earlier with Family Initiative, we redesigned ArtPlay in collaboration with LARC Inc., tailoring it specifically to meet the needs of a broader demographic including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This enriched program now integrates arts with physical wellness practices such as dance and yoga, effectively nurturing not only the physical health and emotional well-being of its participants but also fostering personal expression and social interaction within a supportive, familiar environment.

ArtPlay leverages arts education to promote health and wellness among underserved youth and adults who are often overlooked by traditional community service models. The program offers a critical opportunity for creative expression and healing, significantly enhancing the general well-being of those it serves. Through our partnership with LARC, a community organization dedicated to supporting adults with IDD, ArtPlay provides one-hour workshops once a week. These sessions cover a variety of artistic mediums and techniques and are intentionally kept small—with a limit of 10 students per class—to allow teaching artists to provide personalized instruction and support.

As we continue to refine and expand ArtPlay, the Alliance is actively seeking to collaborate with other organizations that can benefit from this program. We aim to broaden our impact and provide more inclusive opportunities for those facing physical, intellectual, and mental challenges. For more information or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact [email protected].