38th Annual All Florida Exhibition

  • This event has passed.

DateMarch 1 - March 30

Location 10091 McGregor Blvd
FORT MYERS, FL 33919 United States


Event details

This annual show is the most anticipated of the year. As the name suggests, this exhibition features pieces created by artists working in a wide variety of media from all over the 65,000 square miles that make up Florida. The juried entries come together for an award-winning and exciting exhibition representing today’s contemporary Florida artists. The exhibition will be on display March 1 – 30, 2024.

Accepted Artists: Tony Alvarez, Racheal Braley, Ricki Brandschain, Autumn Britton, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Steve Conley, Danee Damore, Lisa DiFranza, Christian Duran, Alane Enyart, Anders Fernbach, Anna Fischler, Muffy Clark Gill, Janet God, NC Hagood, Alida Hernandez, Latonya Hicks, Kai Hoffert, Susan Hurwitch, Dan Jensen, Kathleen Kinkopf, Megan Kissinger, Romas Kukalis, Amarelle Kukici, Wendy Kusmaul Keeling, Seana Leah, Felipe Lopez, Zelma Loseke, Aphrodite Lutz, Patricia Maguire, Inna Malostovker, Karen Meredith, Chrystyne Novack, Julie Obney, Julie Olander, Tracy Owen-Cullimore, Katrina Parker, Patricia Payzant, Creighton Phillips, Ty Raderstorf, Teresa Radomski, Galal Ramadan, Timothy Reilly, Linda Reymore, John Rizza, Wes Sprecher, Gerald Stone, Alice Sundstrom, Grace Thornburg, Khaysie Tiburcio, Bridget Vizoso, Wendy Wagner Campbell, Benjamin West, Terry White, Patricia Zalisko, Peter Zell


Best in Show: “Vernal Slumber” by Kathleen Kinkopf
2nd Place: “Hibiscus Blooming” by Alane Enyart
3rd Place: “Jus” by Forrest
Juror’s Choice: “Seabird” by Amarelle Kukici
American Art Collector Award: “Menagerie #2” by Julie Obney


About the Juror

Laura Guerrero is a Colombian-American curator and arts administrator based in Miami, Florida. She is the Programs Coordinator overseeing exhibitions at Oolite Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Virginia, where her specialty was contemporary Australian Aboriginal art and Medieval/Renaissance art. Her curatorial debut in Miami was the Oolite Arts 47-artist alumni showcase, “It Was Always About You…” which she co-curated alongside former Oolite CEO, Dennis Scholl. Prior to working at Oolite, she worked in the Collections Department at the Fralin Museum of Art.

In the Theatre Lobby Gallery: “How Do I Know You?” by Pam Lowe

Pam has worked in textiles and improvisational quilt-making since college, and throughout her public health nursing career. Since relocating to southwest Florida in 2014, she has been painting (watercolor and acrylics/mixed media) as well as building a body of work in printmaking.

The challenges of living with dementia (such as Alzheimer’s disease), or taking care of a loved one with dementia or post-stroke aphasia, can be incredibly painful for family members and caregivers. In this monoprint series, to portray her own family’s experiences, and to stimulate deeper discussion, Pam explores such abstract concepts as increasing word loss, confusion, fear, loss of independence, and personality changes, in visual form.

In the Member’s Gallery: The Member Photography Club

We’re excited to present our photography club’s inaugural Members’ Showcase, where each photographer reveals their unique vision through 1-5 of their favorite pieces. This event is a celebration of our diverse talents and interests, offering a glimpse into the personalities and passions of our members.

Through this showcase, we aim to highlight the variety of our collective creativity, from stunning landscapes and intimate portraits to abstract artistry. It’s an opportunity for each of us to say, “Hey, we’re here!” sharing our stories and perspectives with the club and the wider community.

Come explore the showcase, learn about the artists behind the lens, and draw inspiration from the breadth of our club’s talents. This is not just an exhibition; it’s a statement of our presence and a testament to our passion for photography.