Diva Comedy Night at the Alliance Returns on Oct. 28

The Alliance for the Arts will present Diva Comedy Night on Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. in the theatre. This one night of side-splitting standup comedy features funny and fierce female comedians all from Florida.  General seating tickets are $15 for Alliance members and $20 for non-members.

About the Divas

Daughter of a Puerto Rican mom and a Salvadorian dad living in the South, Aniria Wilson lives the “Cultural Bermuda Triangle” daily!  Having moved here from El Salvador at the age of 6, the culture shock and the pleasing of 3 cultural expectations lingers in her witty observations.  Because she started her passion for stand up later in life, it quickly became therapy that helped her get through a divorce and juggling a new dating life with raising kids.  Now remarried, her repertoire has expanded.

Southwest Florida comic Sheena Reaga  was named runner up in Florida’s Funniest Female 2017. She’s been seen at Gotham Comedy Club NYC Lounge, Comedy Bar Chicago and was the Golden Invitee for the Key West Comedy Festival.  Opening for headliners such as Kevin Farley, Bobby Collins, Preacher Lawson and more, Reagan has been setting stages a blaze with her animated style and giant personality.

Just when you thought you knew what a comedian should look like, along comes Nancy Francis! A life long family woman and a 30 year veteran of the Real Estate Title Business this Librarian look-alike decided to take to comedy stages. Nancy’s take it or leave it Mom attitude transcends generations. Watching the audience watch this Grandmom “tell it like it is” must be seen.

From Fort Myers, FL, Mariannette is a professional actress and writer of over 25 years turned comedian.  She was a finalist in Nick @ Nite’s ‘America’s Funniest Mom’ and Winner of the 2nd Annual Comedians Ball in Florida and finalist in Comic Cure’s ‘Florida’s Funniest Female’. She has featured for top comedians like Craig Shoemaker, Michael Winslow, Judy Tenuta and Pauly Shore.


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