April 2019 Member Spotlight: Andy Getch

Meet Andy! You may have spotted him on Saturdays with a guitar in tow or perhaps you recognize his name from a juried art exhibit. Andy loves the arts because he embraces an improved quality of life.

How did you become involved with the Alliance?

I began attending the Alliance for the Arts after I met fellow member Chip Withrow during February Album Writing Month at a French Connection open mic night. Chip told me that his wife Anna was teaching a free yoga class at the Greenmarket and I wanted to try taking a live class instead of just home videos. I really loved taking the class outdoors with an in-person teacher. The musical vibe of the Greenmarket with friendly vendors attracted me immediately. My wife Debby and I started attending regularly.

What is your favorite part about being an Alliance member?

Seeing musical performances by friends or their works on display in a member or juried art show.

Which author, playwright, songwriter, or artist has influenced you the most?

My love of art and music and resulting creativity is an assemblage of bits and pieces of thousands of songs and artworks by literally hundreds of artists and musicians. Those who have influenced me the most are Terry Lynn Spry, Sarah Kiser, Patrick Conolly, Claudia Goode, Chip Withrow, Pete Benson, Bruce Gallant, Bill Metts, Bruce Hecksel, Kat Epple, Mare Wakefield, Patchouli, Friction Farm, Becky Warren, Lauren LaPointe, Tara Leaver, and everyone involved with the local Americana Community Music Association.

What would the title of your memoir be?

“A Work In Progress”

What would you say to encourage others to get connected with the Alliance?

This is where you will find your tribe.

Why are the arts important to you?

For an improved quality of life. The arts help me channel, process, and express feelings and emotions more effectively than anything else.

Alliance Favorites:

I can’t leave the Green Market without buying: A smoothie bowl

If you want to buy me a gift, choose work from this local Alliance member artist: Terry Lynn Spry

Florida heat means nothing when this outdoor festival/concert comes around at the Alliance!” Peace Day in the Park

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