Molly Rowan-Deckart

Executive Director

Molly Rowan-Deckart has spent the last 15 years working in the nonprofit arts sector. Driven by a belief that the arts can culturally and economically transform a community, Molly’s focus has been to advocate for and elevate artists and the arts by giving voice to the importance of the arts and culture sector, providing mentorship and resources to artists at all levels, and helping creatives build incredible careers to make their ideas happen. With a degree in Fine Arts from Boise State University, Molly’s background as both a visual artist and as an executive director has given her a unique understanding of both the challenges and rewards that come with fostering a vibrant arts and culture scene.

Molly joins the Alliance for the Arts from Boise, Idaho where she was named one of Idaho Business Review’s Women of the Year in 2020 for her work in the arts. In Boise, Molly founded and served as the executive director for both the Boise Film Foundation and the Idaho Horror Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in the state of Idaho. Having grown both organizations from the ground up, Molly is excited to bring her vast knowledge of organizational growth and arts advocacy to the Alliance and the southwest Florida region. She looks forward to collaborating on creative initiatives that will help make life in southwest Florida more meaningful, authentic, and connected while furthering the mission of the Alliance for the Arts to transform lives and improve our community through the arts.