Brandi H. Couse

Assistant Director

Brandi joined the Alliance in the summer of 2013 after many years working as a professional musician and 17 years of teaching music in Florida’s public schools. Early in her career as an educator a student coined a phrase to describe the matrix of passion and procedures that made his teacher tick, and more importantly, how to argue her out of her stubborn positions. Brandi has been the purveyor and champion of Brandi-land ever since.

As an educator Brandi was passionate about advocating for the inclusion of arts in education. When she decided to leave the classroom she was delighted to find a place where she was tasked with creating more opportunities for artists, community, and society. Having personally experienced the power of arts involvement, from finding a way to voice her ideas to learning the value of hard work and a quality product, Brandi wants to to pay it forward and make sure others have a key to that experience.

She credits her music education with helping her grow from a little kid with a wandering mind and lackadaisical attitude to a big kid who sees how discipline can create an environment for great creativity. Through arts education she learned to work before play and, whenever possible, make play her work.