Feedback Loop: Anne Stagg and Laura Tanner

DateNovember 4 - November 27

Location 10091 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33919 United States

PriceAdmission to the gallery is free, but a $5 suggested donation keeps programming affordable and accessible


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Anne Stagg and Laura Tanner Graham are visual artists whose work pulls from their experiences growing up in the South. Though outwardly, their work appears to be very different, one using abstraction and the other using collage with pictorial imagery, they both turn a critical eye towards the South and explore how built systems and false narratives reinforce systems of inequity and invisibility.

Anne Stagg

“Edits & Omissions [161022]”, Anne Stagg, Acrylic on canvas
Anne Stagg eloquently addresses some of the humanitarian issues of our time through modes of formal abstraction, employed not only within her densely layered paintings, but also in the iterative process through which her work is made. The paintings in her Edits & Omissions series, on view in the gallery, develop over a number of years and are the result of her re-working discreet individual paintings and then re-exhibiting them in their altered state. Her process is not one of economy, but one of catastrophic loss through an unforgiving process of elimination using white paint. Artworks in various states of her evolutionary process are included in the exhibition.


Laura Tanner

“Lithotomy “, Laura Tanner, Ink on hand-cut Mylar

Laura Tanner’s examines revisionist histories that reinforce systems of inequity through her richly detailed, hand drawn and hand cut collage-like constructions. She combines invented imagery derived from oral histories together with images borrowed from wallpaper patterns, cookbooks and Americana advertisements, capitalizing on America’s propensity for sentimentality to expose discriminatory power structures through the lens of a Southern female perspective. Using double sided mylar, her meticulous craft weaves together depictions of Americana in drawn tapestry. Tanner’s dense use of visual language both conceals and reveals alternative narratives, enticing engagement with and reflection on the social textures of our contemporary culture.

Opening Reception: November 4, 5-7pm • See it first. See it free. This event is open to the public. Come meet your neighbors at this free event!

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MIDSUMMER TWILIGHT #2, Carol Imes-Luscombe and Kathryn Kain, Monotype with plant impressions, on Kitikata

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